Banjo Lesson – Boil Them Cabbage Down

For tabs see my web site at and look on the “Banjo Tabs” page.

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19 Responses to “Banjo Lesson – Boil Them Cabbage Down”

  1. fishmerf Says:

    These are all great. I hope you post more.

  2. IBG67 Says:

    right on.

  3. gottasail Says:

    does the sponge help with the wrist?

  4. RagMama123 Says:

    Yes, I know not many people use a big sponge on the arm rest, but to me it seemes comfortable and it puts my arm in the right postiion. Whatever works!


  5. thekev506 Says:

    i can appreciate the sponge, i used to play an open back with no armrest, and it was so painful!

  6. deborahsla Says:

    You didn’t explain a forward roll. If you did I missed it.

  7. BeALoser2 Says:

    I can play this on the violin.


  8. oggendoggen2 Says:

    Alright EMily! 1st song I learned on the fiddle as well!

  9. iceonaboy Says:

    Your the man!, keep `em comin mate, great stuff

  10. photolitherland Says:

    Thanks mate, this helped a lot.

  11. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Stay tuned, more to come.


  12. ellsondaman Says:

    great pickin Rick your lessons are very helpful for beginning banjo players like me so thanks dude

  13. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I am so pleased you are enjoying the lessons.


  14. stuhayes2010 Says:

    Your videos are the most helpful on Youtube. I really appreciate them. And the tabs on your website are great too.

  15. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I am really pleased when people can get something from the lessons.


  16. charlie3470 Says:

    Greetings from Germany! Thank you for the good banjo lesson.

  17. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Good luck with the banjo playing.


  18. knuckleherby Says:

    Hi Rick, now I´ve worked out all your banjo lessons. Your way to teach is the easiest way how to learn playing banjo. Thanks a lot and much greetings from Germany!

  19. RagMama123 Says:

    Wow! That’s great! If you have them all worked out looks like I’ll have to get busy and put up some more lessons. Thanks so much for the feedback. It is encouraging to me.


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