Banjo Lesson – I’ll Fly Away

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14 Responses to “Banjo Lesson – I’ll Fly Away”

  1. scheggialp Says:

    Thank you Rick for all your wonderful videos.
    Monica , Firenze , Italy

  2. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. More lessons to come.


  3. Ashnotw Says:

    I’m new at playing the banjo so I was wondering what kind of roll to use with this song?

  4. RagMama123 Says:

    This is not a hard arrangement, but I do use several different rolls. Alternating thumb with pinch, forward roll, and forward/reverse roll. To see them better have a look at the tab on my website.


  5. MsDakota6 Says:

    thank you, RagMama. i can play “i;ll fly away” but i have learned so much from you. you are teaching me how to be more smooth in my rolls.

  6. RagMama123 Says:

    Wow! That’s great! Thanks so much for the comment.


  7. MsDakota6 Says:

    msdakota6 (martiann)

  8. pacoandsam Says:

    You must get this a lot, but you’re a great teacher! Thanks so much for your work.

  9. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I am really pleased when people enjoy the lessons!


  10. MrBigballen23 Says:

    to fast NOT FOR BEGGINER

  11. denman1953 Says:

    Rick, I’ve played guitar for 42 yrs. and just got a banjo 2 wks. ago. Guess what? You’re now teaching me, and it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! Great lessons and thank you so much!
    Keep on pickin’,

  12. RagMama123 Says:

    Hi Denny,

    Thanks for the kind words. Good luck with the pickin’


  13. YzdaRumGon Says:

    Went to your website and all I can say is YOU ROCK. I’m a beginner and its nice to have the video lessons to listen to while looking at tabs.

  14. RagMama123 Says:

    I’m so please you like the lessons! Thanks for the feedback. I’m also very pleased you like free running! We’re going on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains this summer. I may be old, but up there i can fly!


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