Banjo Lesson – The Ballad of Jed Clampett

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25 Responses to “Banjo Lesson – The Ballad of Jed Clampett”

  1. NightingaleHMP Says:

    This is an excellent tutorial. Thank you so much for this its an inspring and very helpful lesson indeed. Thanks for sharing this please keep em coming!
    Very well done indeed.

  2. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    I your support keeps me going!


  3. NightingaleHMP Says:

    I keep re-visiting your tutorials, excellent work and I just love this tune (so does everyone else) it might have been from the 1960’s but even young people today know the Beverly Hillbilies! Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on your skill to others. Best wishes.

  4. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I keep saying I am going to put some more lessons up. Looks like I better get with it!


  5. NightingaleHMP Says:

    Yep…right there Rick! Banjo tutors like you are like gold so keep up the good work and lets have more. You are very skilled indeed so dont ‘keep your light under a bushell’ …let it shine on YouTube! Thanks wishes!

  6. opalweiss Says:

    Thank-you so much, great lesson, I can do this

  7. RagMama123 Says:

    You can do this! Thanks for the comment. If you have any questions just shoot me an email. Also, you can find tabs on my website.


  8. rhoads3120 Says:

    This Is The Real Way To Play It !

  9. tolindorden Says:

    Lookin very much forward to it :)
    Thank you for improving my banjoskills quite a lot :D

  10. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words.


  11. RagMama123 Says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying the lessons! Thanks for the comment.


  12. missystu Says:

    I wish you would announce what key you are STARTING in and play the whole song at some point so we can play along instead of splitting hairs on an 1/8 note slide wich comes naturally. In other words: Shut up and play while guiding us through it. Thanx!

  13. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m always interested in how I can make the lessons more useful. I think you are right – more play along time would be good.


  14. missystu Says:

    Thanx Rick,for listening. I look forward tp playing with you. Your style is so clean and clear while not being daunting.


  15. opalweiss Says:

    Sweeet website, thanx for the Tabs, I am a Fan

  16. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks Opal,

    I appreciate the comment.


  17. jonaben Says:

    Wow, did you really just use all caps on a word (the internet equivalent to yelling) and tell him to shut up? Wow… real nice. There is a way to give feedback w/out sounding like a jerk — you should look into that.

  18. angelmania123 Says:

    Thanks for the lesson.

  19. RagMama123 Says:

    You’re welcome. I’m glad you are enjoying them.

  20. denman1953 Says:

    Thanks Rick! Just got my first banjo 2 wks. ago after playing guitar for 42 yrs. Your lessons are fantastic! Great lessons!
    Keep on pickin’,

  21. RagMama123 Says:

    Hi Denny,

    Congratulations on the new banjo! I’m glad you like the lessons. More to come.


  22. robertricketts Says:

    Rick, I’ve really enjoyed your lessons on Youtube. I just started taking lessons here in town a month ago and listening to you play while I’m practicing has made a world of difference. Thank you! Bobby

  23. RagMama123 Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. If you have any questions just shoot me an email.


  24. cast390 Says:

    Anyone know who played the banjo on the original session?

  25. RagMama123 Says:

    For the Beverly Hillbillies it was Flatt & Scruggs (Scruggs on banjo) and Jerry Scoggins who sang.


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