Free Banjo Lesson: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

In this lesson we teach you a famous song that was written by Earl Scruggs. It’s call the Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Now you should already know the roll for this song, if you don’t you need to go back to the beginning and take these lessons in order. Anyways this is one the most popular banjo song there ever was. Go to this page to get the tab:

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21 Responses to “Free Banjo Lesson: Foggy Mountain Breakdown”

  1. dwarf2 Says:

    im learning how to play a banjo and i really like the way you play , you make it look fun edf

  2. houstonfield Says:

    Cheers for the lesson! im learning from Scotland. Internets a wonderful thing.

  3. declan215 Says:

    good lesson cheers

  4. codymax21 Says:

    thanks for teaching me

  5. Croatoan91 Says:

    Excellent video!

  6. Marks104 Says:

    I’ve been trying to play for almost a year now, without learning one song. While on night shift tonight ( 8hrs), I learned Foggy Mountain Breakdown watching Mr. Charlie’s videos… he can and will teach you in this great lesson, but you must practice practice practice these rolls!!! I love the way he teaches, I’m still a little slow at it now but I have the song down pat! Fixing to go home and drive my wife crazy!!!! God Bless!


  7. swampy1282 Says:

    is there any chance you could give me the foggy roll for the right hand please……..

  8. lstn74 Says:

    Youre a banjo king my friend can you do Train 45 please?

  9. elkabongx Says:

    thankS for breaking thiS down. much appreciated.

  10. cadjunk Says:

    Thank you. Very helpful. Looking forward to more lessons for other songs.


  11. LudwigVonSpeedking Says:’s 21215215
    Play with these fingers: IMTMTIMT

  12. TBaker1964 Says:

    Sweet! I’ve watched about 25 times now and can finally play it slow…..thanks a million !



  14. w7heu Says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson, thanks for sharing and I looked forward to more videos….EXCELLENT

  15. brummeister1 Says:

    @Marks104 …wtf! What job do u have that pays u to sit there for 8 hrs and learn Bajo on YouTube?? I want that job ;)

  16. reddukesnoop Says:

    Thanks Charlie. Your video has made this song much easier to learn and to play. You explain it very well and slow enough to catch the notes. Keep up the good work, a lot of folks are seeing your videos.

  17. larrythelookout Says:

    great stuff my man

  18. sklungseth Says:

    For easy reference: Right Hand 1:40, Left Hand – 2:53

  19. Grayson4life Says:

    what strings do you do the roll on?

  20. NaniWaSuruKa Says:

    Im not gonna sit here and say ”keep up the good work”…
    keep up the awesome work, your videos really help alot.

  21. jwlloyd76 Says:

    Charlie, thank you so much for the lesson. That is some sweet pickin’ my man.

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