I’ll Fly Away Bluegrass Banjo Lesson

Tabs available @ www.richardsandsouthern.com . This is my beginner/intermediate version of I’ll Fly Away. If there’s demand for a more advanced version, I’d love to work one out. Enjoy! And, thanks for putting up with my low-budget videos! Please Subscribe!!!!

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25 Responses to “I’ll Fly Away Bluegrass Banjo Lesson”

  1. JohnMichaelGorum Says:

    I think it’s actually called a stealth banjo. It’s just like a regular banjo except the fifth string kinda tunnels under the fretboard behind the fifth fret. Something like that.

  2. craigsmiley Says:

    Okay, Thanks, I finally saw where he tells
    about it, and yes it does tunnel, and oddly enough, he built it………

  3. DingDongTheDoorbell Says:

    Great Picker you are BanjoBen :) keep on pickin’ on that banjo, i am intrested on buying one, but not sure which one i should get. maybe you can help me decide. this is my first time playing a banjo, but i am really getting into it because it’s just fun to listen to and looks a lot fun to play it. please do send me a message in return on your thoughts and recommendations. thanks and i am subscribing to you! have a great day and keep on pickin’!

  4. jayphill16 Says:

    i like your advanced lessons it helps me
    it seems like all there is on youtube is Beginner versions, i like learning Advanced versions of songs thanks man for your work

  5. PBGuardsman Says:

    Hey Bones/Craigs

    First of, I am not banjoben he just answered this in an earlier video. (I was curious about this too so I did some looking in his videos).

    If you look at 1:36 you can tell there are only 5 strings. The 5th string is tunneled to the top of the neck. thats all I remember from his post, if you look long enough you can find his response.


  6. alexsullivanbanjos Says:

    what brand is that banjo!?

  7. dredeyedick Says:

    Dude! You GOTTA put up de jazzed – up version. I’m an autoharp player. But I’d love to hear it!

    Do it Up!

  8. metzomotzo Says:

    could you please make tabs :) ..verry much appreciated

  9. kingo5string Says:

    I enjoy your videos immensely. I especialy liked the advanced version of Salt Creek. I would like more advanced version, just to glean the licks from the songs.

  10. teddy41257 Says:

    Hi Ben Thanks for your your music you and the two girls are a grate inspiration to me and my banjo playing this is the first time I post a comment I hope you get it Ted Leo Woodruff S.C.

  11. BanjoBen1 Says:

    I got it!!! Thanks so much!

  12. MrBanjoman32 Says:

    can you help me i need you to tell wat string and threat

  13. MrLongtimegone Says:

    You are one lucky dude to get lesson’s from the GREAT Allen. No wonder you are so good.

  14. Robert01Smith Says:

    hey ben, beginner on banjo so how about some beginning licks and rolls? thanks….

  15. MrBigballen23 Says:

    yea put some finger rolls and chords up please thanks man

  16. hunterd47 Says:

    simply mawvelless

  17. fgleich Says:

    Ben, you did great, thanks ! But give up that nasty tobacco habit, it will kill ya !

  18. BanjoBen1 Says:

    @fgleich I’m quitting! I promise! Thanks :)

  19. Tammyleeloveshim Says:

    good job man :) you got talent God bless keep it up :)

  20. Tazmania33quick Says:

    I’m a beginner, and it would be really helpful if I could see
    what both hands are doing at the same time.

  21. Tazmania33quick Says:

    I’m just a beginner and it would be really helpful
    if you could slowly show whats goin on with both
    hands,perferably a split screen.

  22. sccoonhunter Says:

    I really enjoy these good gospel banjo tunes. I like the one you did on Life’s Railway to Heaven and this arrangment of I’ll Fly Away is great. I got the tabs for these on richards and southern and they are great. Keep it up Ben. And i was wondering if you might try to work up an arrangment of I Feel Like Travelling On and Just a Little Talk With Jesus. I’m interested in these songs and would be sure to get the tabs for these. Thanks for the great songs.

  23. agitator44007 Says:

    Hi Ben sure like the playing im kind of a beginner to intermed., and i bought your tabs to I’ll fly away and foggy mtn., problem is the tab to foggy mtn was in guitar and the player i downloaded doens’t play banjo, too bad would have been nice to hear at my speed setting.

  24. rudolfooo1 Says:

    ty jsi hroznej kokot

  25. vcp430 Says:

    Relax, Ben….. you’re not alone. 7:47…… I have what I call “Millsitis” where I play my hammer-ons with my index and ring finger on the third string almost like the way Jim Mills does it. It’s what I’ve gotten used to and we’re all differerent, but you’re right, everyone should start off on the right foot.

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