is banjo hard to play and how long does it take to learn?

i like the banjo a lot,you can do a lot with it too, but i want to know if its hard to play? and any other things i need to know about it.

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  1. goldstarvw Says:

    4 string banjo is played much like a guitar.

    5 string banjo is a lot what you hear in bluegrass and there are 2 techniques – clawhammer (hard!) and 3-finger. Most people do 3-finger (well, a thumb and 2 fingers).

    I have been playing for about a year, and do not get to practice a lot, but going slowly through a book and making sure I have each step down before moving on has made it so I can do basic rolls and chords. I have had to start slowly and work up my tempos. It can be a challange to keep track of all my fingers and strings!

    This is book I started with.

    I’m not working my way through another "beginner" book which I find more challanging as they highlight different skills than the other book. I hope to buy the Book 2 of the Hal Leonard book I linked above. The most important thing is to find a book that works for you- they are not all the same! Buy a couple if you have to.

    My next step is to find a teacher. I’m having a couple of problems as I learn more and I think my right hand technique isn’t quite right so I need to find a professional to help keep me on the right track. My favourite thing about the banjo? I just love the twangy sound, I love playing it- I’m never sad when I play (or hear) the banjo.

  2. Rid©ully Says:

    There are many different types of banjo, 5 string, 4 string, open back, closed back – plenty of others.

    Generally it’s no harder to play than a guitar although if you want to play bluegrass you’ll need to learn to roll your left fingers. If you’re an experienced guitarist you can pick up the main things in a day or so, and then spend the rest of your life perfecting technique and learning new things.

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