What is the best beginner banjo?

I would like to buy my husband a banjo (and then get him banjo lessons) as he has always expressed an interest in playing. What is the best type and brand of banjo for a beginner?
(He has no experience with any stringed instrument.)

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3 Responses to “What is the best beginner banjo?”

  1. hotttiegrl9 Says:

    J. Reynolds or Dean is a popular brand..you can also get starter packages that come with a strap and a case for the banjo i believe

    I recently bought my brother this banjo from this website and it is awesome..the website also has some other models that are good such as the dean models


  2. Lester G Says:

    Deering makes the best low-cost banjos, especially their Goodtime model. However you need to choose between an open back banjo and a resonator banjo. If your husband is into bluegrass music then get him the resonator model. If not, go with the open back.



  3. Dennis G Says:

    I’m not sure, but you should check out the banjo deals at:


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